Dr  Elizabeth M. Gresson is a New Zealand Barrister at Vulcan Chambers, Barristers at Law, Vulcan Lane, Auckland NZ.
She is an Emeritus Professor of RMIT University Melbourne Australia in her previous name Elizabeth Grierson [elizabethgrierson.com]
  • PhD, Doctor of Philosophy (Auckland)
  • JD, Juris Doctor Distinction (RMIT Melbourne)
  • MA, Master of Ars 1st Cl Hons (Auckland)
  • BA, Bachelor of Arts (Auckland)
  • GDLP, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (College of Law Victoria)
  • Dip.Tchg. Diploma of Teaching (Auckland)
  • LSB, Licentiate Diploma (NZ Speech Board)
  • ATCL, Associate Diploma (Trinity College London).
  • Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (UK).

Australia: Elizabeth undertook her legal education in Melbourne, Victoria and was admitted as a lawyer at Supreme Court of Victoria as Dr Elizabeth Grierson. She practised as an Australian Legal Practitioner in Melbourne, working with civil negligence claims, international law, criminal law, education and working with children legal requirements. Her management work as a university academic encompassed contract law, discrimination, harassment, cyberbullying, stalking, intellectual property, negotiation and dispute resolution.

Europe: Undertook intensive period at Aarhus University Jutland, on Danish and European Union legal, social and political systems.

New Zealand: Elizabeth was admitted at the High Court of New Zealand, Auckland, as a Barrister and Solicitor under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act. She is employed as a lawyer in New Zealand in her married name Dr Elizabeth Gresson.

In her legal work Elizabeth draws from her significant experience in university leadership and management. She has significant international experience in education in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, China, in academic management, research and publishing, developing degree education, and supervising doctoral candidates.

Elizabeth was at AUT in NZ for 10 years, RMIT University Australia for 10 years, and Visiting Research Fellow in Brighton, England for a year. She has represented many organisations in New Zealand, Australia and internationally.

Elizabeth  is well known for her abilities as a speaker and advocate. She has represented New Zealand internationally in public speaking, has won national awards for debating, and continues to be sought after as a speaker.

Elizabeth speaks at law and education conferences and symposia in Australia and New Zealand, and is well published. [Research page]

Orcid ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7102-1464

Elizabeth relates well to all kinds of people and has a commitment to justice for fair outcomes of any legal dispute. Representing clients she listens well, understands legal issues and problems, and knows how to identify and focus on key questions to advocate for the best outcome possible for her clients.

Court Experience

  • Worked under judicial supervision at Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Melbourne. Gained experience in therapeutic jurisprudence approaches to criminal and family violence, and specialist problem-solving courts – Koori Court, Assessment Referral Court (Mental Health issues), Neighbourhood Justice Centre Collingwood, and Victorian Alcohol and Drug Court Dandenong.
  • Undertook an in-depth evaluative research project in the Court of Appeal Registry to analyse and assess the efficacy of Interlocutory Appeals in Criminal jurisdiction at the Supreme Court of Victoria, Court of Appeal. The research contributed to a confidential report for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria.
  • Appearances in criminal jurisdiction at District Courts of Auckland, Manukau, Waitakere, and High Court Auckland; successful s 106 Sentencing Act submissions to achieve discharge without conviction for clients; applications under the Land Transport Act;
  • Appeal Submissions, High Court Auckland, working with Senior Counsel.

Legal Work

  • Criminal law matters, appearances for legal aid clients working with Senior Counsel; pleas, sentencing submissions, opposed bail applications, EM bail, variations to conditions, mental health issues;
  • Civil claims for relief from forfeiture orders pursuant to Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act, High Court Auckland;
  • Provide opinions on human rights issues for refugee and protection claims in NZ;
  • Advice on immigration law, Customs and Excise Act, searches, privacy;
  • Advice for arts law including intellectual property;
  • Legal matters in education including employment, bullying, harassment, regulatory practices, contract, negotiation and dispute resolution;
  • Harmful digital communications, harassment, cyber-bullying;
  • Provide opinion on evidence law of privilege;
  • Defamation in scholarly publishing;
  • Family Law, Parenting Orders, Protection Orders, working with children;
  • Domestic and family violence matters.